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  • Black Ground Control Horseshoes  - GCBlack
  • Black Ground Control Horseshoes
  • Black Ground Control Horseshoes
  • Black Ground Control Horseshoes
  • Black Ground Control Horseshoes
  • Black Ground Control Horseshoes
Ground Control Horseshoes in BLACK is a good color choice for black hooved horses that are in horse shows where you want the color to match the hooves. They are the same material as the clear but may be a little harder to apply since you can't see through the shoe to the hoof. A very experienced farrier will not have a problem with applying these, but to avoid a nail getting in the wrong place, you may want to choose the clear version.

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Black Size 000
    In Stock 1 $14.00
    Black Size 00
    In Stock 1 $14.00
    Black Size 0
    In Stock 1 $14.00
    Black Size 1
    In Stock 1 $14.00
    Black Size 2
    In Stock 1 $14.00
    The polyurethane material is similar to what skate board wheels are made of. It is durable, gets superior traction on hard surfaces, and yet is still flexible to allow for hoof expansion. The average length of time that the shoes will last for pleasure and show horses is about 12 weeks, and two shoeing periods. The shoes can usually be reset for a second use after 5 or 6 weeks. The shoes will last about 6 weeks for horses that get heavy use on hard surfaces: horses that trot on the road several days per week as in an Amish buggy horse, or an endurance horse running/training for 50 - 100 mile races.

    You will want to see the sizing chart for the best fit, but here is a suggestion:
    Size 000 fits hoof widths 3.75" and 4.25" 
    Size 00 fits hoof widths between 4.125" - 4.625" 
    Size 0 fits hoof widths between 4.5" - 5"
    Size 1 fits hoof widths between 4.75" - 5.25"
    Size 2 fits hoof widths between 5.25" - 5.75"

    The nail channel in the shoe does allow an area for the shoe to be nailed, so it is a bit flexible that way. You will want to fit the shoe so that the nails go in the proper area of the hoof. There is a line just inside of the hoof wall and this is what the nail channel should match around. The shoe should protrude out from the hoof about 1/4" or so. This excess can be rasped off a bit for a rounded edge. The back of the shoe is usually trimmed off with the hoof nippers, just enough to support the heel. There is one shape per shoe size, and some horses will take a smaller size on the hind hooves.
    Try Ground Control Horseshoes Risk Free!

    We offer this guarantee because we’re confident you and your horse will love our shoes!

    If you don’t agree that Ground Control Urethane Horseshoes outperform metal horseshoes for traction, shock absorption, safety, comfort, and a better overall ride, we’ll give you your money back. Simply mail them back, and we’ll refund you the purchase price of the shoes.

    Shoes can also be exchanged for the correct size. Just mail them back to us with return shipping included and we will get the right size back out to you.