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1. Questions About Durability

a) How long will Ground Control Horseshoes last?

Ground Control Horseshoes will last on average 2 shoeing periods. You can usually have them reset using different holes for a second and sometimes even a third shoeing period. It depends on how hard, how much, and over what terrain you ride. A buggy horse that drives six times a week at a trot over asphalt will get only 6 weeks of use, whereas a trail rider riding 15 miles a week over varied terrain can get up to 20 weeks of use.

b) Will Ground Control Horseshoes pull off when a horse paws at a fence or overreaches?

No! Because of the flexible characteristics of the Ground Control shoes, if bent, they flex back to their original position. A metal shoe, once bent, either has to be pulled off, or falls off on its own.

c) Will the nails pull through the urethane?

No! The polyurethane that we use is strong enough to stand up to the nail head from pulling through it. If your farrier needs more reassurance that the nails will remain where he or she puts them, then a small #8 flat washer can be used and put through the nail before nailing (available at most Wal-Mart or other hardware stores).

d) Will they stay on in muddy conditions?

Yes! Ground Control Horseshoes really have staying power! They can handle extremely muddy paddocks for weeks. Just make sure your horse has a dry place to get to so your horse's feet stay healthy.

2. Questions About Application

a) Can any farrier install the Ground Control horseshoes?

Yes, any farrier with the usual tools, such as a hoof rasp, nippers and horseshoe nails will be able to put on the shoes. Directions for applying the shoes are on the back of our brochure

b) Do I need to use pads with Ground Control Horseshoes?

No! You do not need to use pads with Ground Control Horseshoes, since the recessed frog protector will do its job to protect the tender frog area. Additionally, the recessed frog protector will naturally stimulate the frog, increasing blood flow to the leg. On an unshod horse, this happens naturally every time a horse takes a step. A steel shoe never allows the frog to touch the ground to get the natural blood pumping action. Pads may be used if needed with Magic Cushion or other packing material applied between the pad and the shoe.

c) Can you apply Ground Control Horseshoes with glue?

Nails are the most common and recommended way of applying the shoes.

Some customers have applied Ground Control Horseshoes with glue. Equilox or Vettec Adhere, Hoof Life brands glue works best. You need to roughen the side of the shoe that sticks to the bottom of the hoof and clean the hoof and dry it before application. Spacers must be used to make sure that the surface area of the shoe has enough glue on it. Follow the directions of the glue company.

d) Can you apply Ground Control Horseshoes with dry wall screws?

Yes, you can apply the Ground Control Horseshoes very successfully using Dry Wall Screws.

e) How often should I reset my Ground Control Horseshoes?

You can have them reset after 5-6 weeks of use and use them for another 5-6 weeks. Every horse requires a different shoeing schedule depending on hoof growth rates and the amount of exercise a horse is given. Horses with fragile hoof walls should be shod closer to 5 weeks before cracks develop.

f) Are there any tips for shoeing?

It is important that the nail head gets well inside the nail channel and below the plastic. The farrier can use a nail set or just hammer harder on his last blows with the hammer to do this. Another tip is to use a sharpie marker to trace around the hoof onto the shoe and cut off the extra plastic first with the hoof nippers before nailing the shoe on. Make sure to leave enough plastic at the back half of the shoe to allow for hoof expansion and enough under the heel for proper support. Once the shoe is nailed on, follow up with a hoof rasp to smooth out the shoe's edges.

g) Can the central recessed frog protector be removed?

Yes, you can cut out the middle recessed frog protector if needed, but not the back of the shoe.

h) Can the Ground Control Horseshoe be modified?

You can trim the toe part of the shoe back which will increase the break-over of the stride significantly. We have found that the Ground Control Horseshoe will perform best when not modified this way, since the shoe may tend to slip backwards somewhat if the angled toe portion is removed. You can also nail in different parts of the shoe if needed as long as it safely goes into areas of the hoof that won't cause pain. The shoes can be molded with heat and cut for a custom fit. Make sure you start with the correct size.

3. Questions About Traction

a) What about safety on the ice?

You can use borium tipped nails for added traction on ice. Ground Control Horseshoes are like tennis shoes as far as traction, so use caution on ice.

b) Will Ground Control Horseshoes slip on wet grass?

Ground Control Horseshoes are more like tennis shoes than cleats. If you would slip on the wet grass with your tennis shoes, then you might slip on the same wet grass with Ground Control Horseshoes. In most cases you will be safe, but use caution if traveling fast and coming to a stop quickly.

c) How do they do on asphalt?

Ground Control Horseshoes give great traction on asphalt. They are perfect for parade where you may have to trot on the road to catch up to the next float in a hurry. Your horse will have more confidence and therefore will provide a safer ride.

d) How do they do in creeks?

Ground Control Horseshoes will allow you to ride across creek bottoms. Use caution when riding on algae as it can be too slick.

4. Questions About Performance

a) Will Ground Control Horseshoes interfere with my horse's gait?

Most horses will adjust to Ground Control horseshoes very easily. They might do a little dance with excitement of how good it feels! Tennessee Walkers, Fox Trotters, and all other gaited breeds should continue to gait normally if they can do the same barefooted without added artificial weight.

b) Can I use Ground Control Horseshoes for barrel racing?

Yes, we have tested Ground Control Horseshoes on some barrel racing horses and found that these horses were able to perform with even faster times than with wearing steel shoes. Use cation on muddy arenas as it could be slippery.

c) Can I use Ground Control Horseshoes for harness racing?

Yes, they are especially good if your horse has had stifle problems or sore hooves due to hard tracks. Since Ground Control shoes are thicker than the normal aluminum racing plates, you will have to experiment with each horse to determine what is best for individual track performance.

d) Can I use Ground Control Horseshoes for driving on asphalt?

Yes, Ground Control Horseshoes will provide your horse with great traction even going up and down hilly streets. Additionally, your horse will stay sound with the shock absorbing quality of the polyurethane.

e) Can I use Ground Control Horseshoes in the show ring?

Ground Control Horseshoes perform well in sandy arenas, actually keeping you above the surface of deep footing. Each breed has certain rules for competing with special shoes, so consult your rule book to make sure you are legal. Ground Control's thickness is 1/2" which is the maximum thickness allowable under most horse show rules. Some show ring rules require the central frog protector to be cut away (FOSH shows for example).

5. Questions About Hoof Health & Care

a) Do I have to worry about thrush?

No! Ground Control Horseshoes allow air to circulate around your horse's hooves. All horses have the potential to get thrush if not given a dry area to stand.

b) Will it be easy to clean out the hooves with Ground Control Horseshoes?

Yes! Use your hoof pick to clean out any dirt or rocks that sometimes get into the open sole areas when you groom your horse and before you ride.

c) Will Ground Control Horseshoes help a horse that has sole bruises?

Yes! Ground Control Horseshoes will protect and support your horse's hooves from rocky ground that may have caused his soreness.

6. Questions About Ordering & Shipping

a) If I place an order today, how fast can I expect to receive my Ground Control Horseshoes?

Ground Control Horseshoes are shipped by priority U.S. mail and takes 2-3 days.

b) Can I receive my Ground Control Horseshoes overnight??

Yes, sometimes, Ground Control Horseshoes can be shipped by USPS Express overnight for an additional charge, just call (877) 872-2846 before you place your order. Some smaller cities do not have overnight options.

c) Do I have to order all of the same size to get the 16 shoe discount??

No, any combination of shoe sizes can be ordered to meet the 16 shoe minimum order for the discounted rate or minimum wholesale order.

d) I live in another country, can I still order Ground Control Horseshoes direct?

Yes, we ship to most countries. Additional import fees or other taxes may be in your country.