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Welcome to Ground Control Horseshoes

Ground Control Horseshoes are made of a durable polyurethane material (just like skateboard wheels are made of) providing improved traction, shock absorption, and comfort for your horse. They are perfect for trail rides, parades, driving, showing, and just about any other equine activity.

They are also therapeutic, offering horses comfort for problems with the following: ringbone, navicular, founder, and other lameness issues.

Since 1999, my unique horseshoes have been used on horses all over the world. I personally designed them and they are manufactured in Boerne, Texas, USA.

~ Kristy McNelly

Proven Performance

For over 18 years, Ground Control Horseshoes have been used on horses in over 30 countries around the world for trail riding, endurance, driving, reining (fronts only), barrel racing, jumping, breeding, showing, mounted patrol, parades, harness racing, and on several movie sets and theater stages, including the movie, Lincoln.

Absorbs Shock

Metal sends shock directly to the tendons and joints. So why do people still put metal on their horses? Urethane is a better alternative. With Ground Control Horseshoes, shock is substantially reduced, relieving stress on tendons and joints.

Improves Traction

Your horse will grip solidly and move confidently with every step, from a paved road to a concrete bridge. Without the worry of slipping, you (and your horse) can relax.

Durable Polyurethane

It’s the stuff skateboard wheels and the space shuttle material is made of! They have been used on long distance trail rides across the USA and can last more than 400 miles.


After 5 or 6 weeks, the same shoes can usually be reset for a total of 12 weeks or more.


The rolled toe eases break-over and provides improved movement. A recessed nail channel gives multiple nailing options, yet keeps the nail from contacting the ground. A frog support protects the soft tissue from sharp rocks and stimulates the frog on
impact, increasing circulation and improving endurance. The open areas allow the sole to breathe, while also providing easy access for cleaning with a hoof pick.


With its flexible characteristics, you’ll never have to replace that shoe your horse bent while pawing the fence, because it will spring back into shape. The shoe also moves with the hoof as it expands when contacting the ground, similar to a barefoot hoof.


We have received hundreds of stories over the years from owners, farriers, and veterinarians who have had excellent results using Ground Control Horseshoes for treating horses with the following: Founder, Laminitis, Navicular, Arthritis, Ring Bone, Coffin Bone Fractures, Stone Bruises, and Soft Tissue Injuries.