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Ground Control Horseshoes are perfect for trail riders, endurance racers, buggy drivers, mounted patrol, parade riders, and just about any horse that can benefit from better traction and shock absorption.

Road Secure
Starting and stopping are basic commands for a horse. Combine asphalt and metal shoes, and these simple commands become anxious moments for the horse, the rider and even bystanders. Borium and Carbide tipped nails eliminate the slip, but what about the shock? Buggy drivers, Mounted Patrol, and Parade horses will all benefit from the traction and shock absorbing Polyurethane found in Ground Control horseshoes. So, stop using metal shoes and start using Ground Control. Your horse will thank you.

Trail Ready

Imagine yourself on your favorite horse as you encounter a slippery creek bottom, a rocky trail, or a concrete bridge. With Ground Control Horseshoes, your horse will grip solidly and move confidently with every step. You (and your horse) can relax and experience the peaceful tranquility that nature offers.

Relieving stress on tendons and joints is obviously beneficial. So why do people put metal shoes on their horses? Metal sends shock directly to the tendons and joints. Try jogging down the road in your golf shoes. With the polyurethane Ground Control horseshoes, shock is substantially reduced, giving you the freedom to hit the road running.

Unlike metal horseshoes, its unique blend of Polyurethane plastic (the stuff skateboard wheels are made of) provides maximum traction for any situation you encounter. From hard packed trails, to blacktop roads, to concrete barn floors, the Ground Control horseshoe gives your horse the confidence he needs to take you that next step. And, with its flexible characteristics, you'll no longer have to replace that metal shoe your horse bent while pawing the fence.

Although designed to be a road and trail shoe, users have had excellent results as a therapeutic shoe. From arthritic horses, foundered horses, coffin bone injured horses and stone bruised hooves, Ground Control has made a difference.

You can usually have them reset using different holes for a second and sometimes even a third shoeing period. The length of wear depends on how hard, how much, and over what terrain you ride. A buggy horse that drives six times a week at a trot over asphalt will get only 6 weeks of use, whereas a trail rider traveling15 miles a week over varied terrain can get up to 20 weeks of use. A horse using Ground Control for therapeutic use and just pastured may get even longer usage out of the same set of shoes.


Because of the flexible characteristics of the Ground Control shoes, if bent, they flex back to their original position. A metal shoe, once bent, either has to be pulled off, or falls off on it's own. The polyurethane that we use is strong enough to stand up to the nail head from pulling through it. If your farrier needs more reassurance that the nails will remain where he or she puts them, then a small #8 flat washer can be used and put through the nail before nailing (available at most Walmart stores). Ground Control Horseshoes really have staying power! They can handle extremely muddy paddocks for weeks. Even in wet conditions, it is good veterinary care to make sure your horse has a dry place to get to so your horse's feet stay healthy.